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Tasty Chill


We just love ice cream!

Tasty Chill is Chicago's first completely customizable ice cream and bubble tea shop. At Tasty Chill, we've taken the best dessert and added our own special twist by using only the best and freshest ingredients. Totally customizable ice cream that is as unique as you are. Started by two teenage brothers, Tasty Chill offers some of the freshest and best tasting ice cream around. We look forward to serving you!



Rolled Ice Cream is fresh ice cream that is completely customizable and made right in front of your eyes. Starting with an ice cream base that is freshly made daily, ingredients are added to create different flavors. The highly trained staff at Tasty Chill mixes these ingredients on a very cold plate where the ice cream begins to freeze. They then spread the ice cream mixture into a flat, uniform surface. The ice cream is rolled into rolls and turned int Rolled Ice Cream! Rolled Ice Cream tastes much better than regular ice cream because of the freshness and the ice cream base that is used. Come over and see for yourself the magic of Rolled Ice Cream

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